Boondocks is officially DEAD (R.I.P.)

It’s over guys

When I heard that Boondocks was coming back for a fourth season, I got very excited, but when I heard that the creator left the show, I had a gut feeling the show wouldn’t be the same, and I was right.

This situation is eerily similar to the situation with the NBC show Community when Dan Harmon left the show for season 4 and it was the show’s WORST season.

Side note: If you’ve never seen the show Community, click the video below to watch a scene from the show and then thank me for introducing you to your new favorite show. Also, notice Abed wearing a Boondocks shirt which was a coincidence, I swear.

Anyway, Boondocks has only aired two episodes of season 4 so far, but if you’re a fan of the show you can tell something is drastically different. The plots of the first two episodes were very predictable and also very boring. Not only that but most of the characters just seem like watered down versions of themselves. The only bright spot of the show is that Uncle Ruckus is still funny, but him alone can’t save this show which has become a shell of itself.

Like I said earlier, the season is only two episodes in so the show has a chance to change my mind, but my gut feeling is that Boondocks is dead and it should have just ended with season 3.