Stuck in a box

In my rebirth blog post, I talked about how I wanted to broaden my blog topics and grow out of just blogging about just Television shows.

I did that and I started posting about Video Games and Podcasts and it’s made blogging way more enjoyable but something else is missing.

I love writing about Television, Video Games, and Music but I also want to talk about me and what I want to do in life and what I want to do in my career. Basically, I want to talk about me.

That is why I made a new blog called Star Gazing (Title May Change). The Star Gazing blog will be me talking about who I am, my career goals, and also talk about the people who motivate me to be better.

I already have my first post up where I talk about why going to Japan is my biggest career goal, so if you’re interested in it, here is the link.