Am I a Comedy Snob?

I was thinking about this yesterday and it got me thinking that I might in fact be a comedy snob. I often find myself getting annoyed when people don’t understand the humor in shows I like. For example, I find myself often having to defend why the show Community is funny and why people should watch it. I also frequently get annoyed from lazy and cheap jokes I hear on shows like 2 Broke Girls and the new NBC show Undatetable.  My mindset is that if someone doesn’t like shows like Parks and Rec (Not Season 1) or Louie, then I automatically think they have a horrible taste in comedy.

Side Note: I’m a fan of Kat Dennings which is the only reason I was watching 2 broke girls.

It’s the same thing with Stand-Up too. If someone likes Jeff Dunham and Larry the Cable Guy but doesn’t like John Mulaney or Hannibal Buress, I immediately disregard anything they have to say.

I’m not ashamed of my snobbery (that’s a word right?), but I’m not proud of how I naturally look down on people if they don’t like the same type of comedy as me.  I’ll keep working on it but I can’t take anyone who still watches 2 Broke Girls seriously.