Game Review: Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4


Clementine isn't a kid anymore.

Clementine isn’t a kid anymore.

Going into Amid the Ruins, I was expecing an episode lacking in excitement and very few crucial decisions being made. While the episode was lackluster, there were important choices throughout the gameplay that tested the moral conscience of the characters.

The episode began with the aftermath from In Harm’s Way which involved Clementine and the others figuring out how to escape the horde of walkers that were drawn to the camp.  Shortly after escaping, most of the episode revolves around finding the rest of the members of the group and preparing for the arrival of Rebecca’s baby.  Jane takes centerstage with Clementine during the playthrough as we learn more about her past while also taking on the role of “Big Sis” to Clementine and teaching her more effective ways of killing walkers.

Spending time  with Jane was very reminiscent of playing through Season 1 of the TellTale series. Jane was acting like Lee as she showed Clementine how to search the bodies of walkers and taking out their knees to make killing them easier. I appreciated the time spent with her because it was nice being around someone who didn’t see Clementine as a kid, but someone who has been through a lot and able to hold her own.


In my review of the last episode, I talked about Clementine having to shed her innocence and become much colder. In this playthrough, she not only becomes more mature, but I think her innocence is officially gone. Clementine telling Sarah that “we can’t be kids anymore” really hit me hard because of how unfortunately true that is. Clementine is not only being forced to be an adult, but she also has to make decisions that many would see as selfish and immoral. This episode was the first time I completely threw ethics out the window and solely worried about Clementine’s well being, and I don’t regret it.

While the deaths in Amid the Ruins felt a little forced, how the deaths affected Clementine is what made them so substantial. One death in particular made her come to the  unfortunate truth that you have to look out for yourself in this bleak and dreary world. That was the overall message of this episode and this message will probably come into play in the next and final episode of the season.


Score 7/10