Netflix Recommendation: The Writers’ Room


What this show is about: The Writers’ Room is an American television talk show hosted by screenwriter and actor Jim Rash. Each episode features a behind-the-scenes look at the writing staff of popular television series such as Game of Thrones, Scandal, and Parks and Recreation.

Why you should watch: This show will entertain the people–like me–who are interested in the work that goes on behind the scenes with the writing process of some of your favorite TV shows. What I especially like is just hearing the writers talk about the mindset they’re in when writing for the show and how that changes not only from season to season, but episode to episode. The Writers’ Room also has a cast member of the show–such as Kerry Washington of “Scandal”–on each episode and it’s enjoyable to hear how much input that have with the development of their own characters. If you’re interested in the side of television you don’t often hear about or you’re an aspiring TV/Film writer, this is a show you’ll regret not checking out.


Show Rating: 9.5/10