Game of Thrones: “The Lost Lords” Review


“Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.”

After playing through “Iron from Ice”, I felt at ease knowing that Telltale did an excellent job of bringing the Game of Thrones feel to this series. The first episode laid the foundation of the story and this episode gave us some much-needed character development.

“The Lost Lords” starts you off by playing as Asher, the Forrester who was exiled because of falling in love with a woman from a rival house. While playing as him you are greeted by his Uncle who wants to bring Asher back home after securing an army to combat the Whitehills. Even though the scenes with Asher are short, you are given important decisions to make which will decide if he is a skilled warrior or a reckless killer.

Gared Tuttle finally makes it to Castle black and has hopes of becoming a Ranger. Upon arrival, he has to go through training which involves archery, sword sparring, and lifting barrels. Throughout his playthrough, you will interact with two new recruits of the night’s watch and decide if you are going to be friendly or hostile to your fellow brothers. The scenes at the wall are almost identical to Jon Snow’s storyline in the show, but I did enjoy Gared’s scenes anyway. Also, you get to hang out with Jon Snow–so I’m not complaining.

The most important part of this episode was playing as the Forresters and dealing with the death of Ethan. The reason I enjoyed it so much is because it allowed me to learn and care about the Forrester family more. In the first episode, we were going back and forth between everyone that it was hard to garner feelings towards any of the Forresters; but playing through “The Lost Lords” changed that immensely. There is also a surprise character you get to play as while at House Forrester. I won’t spoil anything but it’s a character you definitely didn’t expect to see.


The last part of the gameplay I want to talk about is the scenes involving Mira. She has easily become the most enjoyable part of this season so far. You wouldn’t think being a handmaiden at King’s Landing would be the most riveting, but being a part of the power struggle between Margaery and Cersei, while also struggling to help your Forrester family in the North makes your decisions as Mira very crucial to the overall story.

This episode specifically causes Mira to have to make decisions that force her to either help friends with their problems that will hurt her plans or  just worry about herself and her family.

The Game of Thrones TV show has always done a good job of causing you to slowly care about characters—and this game is no different. Playing through “The Lost Lords” will make you care about the Forrester family more than you ever did in episode 1 and after watching the emotional last scene of this episode, it will make you crave justice against the Whitehills even more.

Score: 8.5/10