Goodbye MediaFox, Hello The Lazy Fanatic!


Hello everyone!

I’m really excited to talk about how I gave my blog a much needed makeover. That makeover included a entirely new name which is The Lazy Fanatic. With that new name includes a new logo, new social media accounts, and just more of an emphasis on bringing more eyes to this blog.

I felt the need to revamp my blog because it stop being fun and felt more like something I had to do every week. That’s one of the reasons I wasn’t writing articles as much, I was getting bored with the blog. 

As far as the name change, I was never really in love with the name MediaFox. I was strugling to think of a name that represented the content I would be creating and MediaFox was the best I could come with. A couple days ago, I started to really get into blogging again. I was coming up with ideas and I was excited to write as many posts as possible which made me come to the realization that I should start fresh with a totally new look and feel.

Most of yesterday, I was trying to figure out a name that represented me more than it represented the articles I write. It made sense because this blog is less about what the content is and more about my viewpoint on whatever that content ends up being. After hours of banging my head against a wall, I finally came up with the name The Lazy Fanatic. 

When the name popped in my head, it felt like a good fit. It describes me perfectly; I obsess about a lot of things such as TV shows, Video Games, and Music, but I was too lazy to actually write about them on this blog. The new blog name will be my constant reminder to be less lazy while still being the fanatic that people try to avoid in public gatherings. 

As far as what’s in store for this blog, that’s the best part!

I’m going to start doing recaps of some of my favorite shows such as Flash, Arrow, and Game of Thrones. In fact, if you want, you can read my recap of the Game of Thrones premiere by clicking here.  Some of the other articles I have coming up include more Netflix recommendations, Music Spotlights, and I’ll be posting a list of my favorite anime of all-time. I’ll also be live-tweeting a lot during the same shows I’ll be recapping. 

Just writing this post feels good because I’m really looking forward to the things I have planned for this blog. My passion and motivation to grow this blog is higher than ever before so say goodbye to the MediaFox blog and stay tuned to see what’s going on with The Lazy Fanatic. 

PS: I LOVE Scott Pilgrim


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