The Lazy Flash Recap: A Whole lot of Bee Puns


Felicity’s in The House!
Ray Palmer’s in the House! 

If you don’t know the song I’m referring to, click here. 

We start out the episode with The Flash helping Joe and Eddie out with some criminals, which includes a man charged with indecent exposure. Now, whether he did it or not, Barry and Joe didn’t have to insult the man’s junk like that. When Joe said “That’s not something you should be showing people” and Flash giving a look of disappointment and pity, I felt like they were judging me; But that’s just my own insecurities.

Always Time for a Bro-Fist

Always Time for a Bro-Fist

After that, we cut to Barry explaining to Joe about how he feels uncomfortable being at Star Labs after finally figuring out that it was Dr. Wells who killed his mother and framed his father. He wants to tell Cisco and Killer Frost Caitlin what he knows, but Joe advises him against it until Barry knows that those two aren’t working with Wells.

Back at Star Labs, the crew is greeted with a visit from Felicity Smoak and her rich/superhero boyfriend looking for help with his A.T.O.M. suit. Even though we already knew that Felicity is a perfect fit for the show, I was surprised at how well Ray meshed with everyone. He really is a male version of Felicity and that was made clear with both of them awkwardly referring to their sex life in front of everyone; And just so we’re clear, Ray doesn’t have a problem “keeping it up,” Felicity can attest to that.

The King and Queen of awkward

The King and Queen of awkward

Later on, Barry tries to confide in Felicity about what he knows about Wells, but he is interrupted by Eddie who is having a lot of trouble not telling Iris about Barry’s secret identity. Iris knows he’s hiding something and it has to be really hard to not tell your girlfriend that her best friend is a superhero.

When Barry gets an alert about trouble at a local tech building, he rushes over there only to see a dead man with his face swollen due to the Bug-eyed Bandit and her allegiance of bees. After the bees attack The Flash, he literally dies and it takes two jolts of electricity to his chest to bring him back to life. Man, the Bug-Eyed Bandit sure is BEEing a nuisance! Sorry, I had to do at least one. I won’t do it again….probably.

A little bit later, we cut to a double date with Ray/Felicity, Iris/Eddie and……Barry. During dinner, feet continued to be put in mouths as Ray (awkwardly) describes how him and Felicity got together, while Eddie and Iris continue to argue about what Eddie is hiding from her. I find it a little odd that she is pressing him so hard about this. You would think that she would just trust that whatever secret he has, he must have a good reason for not telling her. Also, accusing Eddie of cheating and giving him a ultimatim seemed a tad too much but hey, what do I know?

The best moments of this episode had to BEE(last time, I swear) the scenes involving Barry and Felicity. When Barry finally told Felicity about Dr. Wells, I was relieved because he was really stressed out about it and he needed to tell someone. Felicity was right when she explained to him that Barry should trust Cisco and Caitlin because they’re both good people just like she had to trust in Oliver when he would come up with ridiculous lies about what he was up to.

The best looking nerds you'll ever see....

The best looking nerds you’ll ever see….

The only issue I had with this episode was we didn’t really get to see much of Beth Brie. It would’ve been nice to have a more detailed understanding of her motives instead of it coming off as her being really upset about being fired. It’s a small gripe, but a gripe none the less.

“All Star Team Up” ended with Barry and Joe telling Cisco and Killer Frost  Caitlin what they know about Dr. Wells. While Caitlin was reluctant to believe Barry’s accusation, Cisco was less doubtful due to the dreams he’d been having of Dr.Wells killing him in the past.

See you next week!
I’ll BEE right here……..I’ll show myself out.

Random Thoughts
  • Never ever, ever, ever tell a man about his daughter’s sex life Eddie, come on man!
  • I like how Felicity referred to Central City as the “Fun One”
  • Did they ever go to Karaoke night?