Top 13 Favorite Anime Series of All-time


I’ve been watching Anime since I was about 9 years old. While the frequency in which I watch it has gone down, my love for it hasn’t. Even though they weren’t all winners, there has been plenty of gems that have kept me interested to this day.

Here are the 13 anime series that I hold above all others:

13. Fruits Basket


Don’t let those happy faces fool you; this anime has a VERY dark side to it. Aside from the humor, the thing I liked most about Fruits Basket was the overall message of the show, which is that people are often afraid of being who they really are.  I mentioned earlier about how the show has a dark side to it, and I wasn’t exaggerating.

Without spoiling too much, let’s just say there are a few “family issues” in the Sohma family. It isn’t all drama though, there is a lot of funny moments in the show as well, but it’s the more serious and touching moments that have it on my favorites list.

12. Devil is a Part-Timer


This show is fairly new to be on my all-time favorite list, but I loved it that much. The Devil is a part-timer revolves around the Devil King, who’s sent to earth through a vortex. He doesn’t have enough magic to get back so he has to survive on earth by getting a part-time job at a fast food joint. At the same time, The Hero follows him to earth to make sure he doesn’t hurt any of the people on earth.

I’m a sucker for an anime the can genuinely make me laugh, and Devil is a Part-Timer is no exception.  The jokes come at you fast which is my favorite part of the show because it keeps me paying attention the whole time.  The English dub also has a lot of American slang references which makes the show even better…….word.

11. DragonBall Z


Like most kids born in the 90’s, I would run home after school to make sure I didn’t miss Dragonball Z on Cartoon Network. I would say this anime is on here 60% because of nostalgia, but I still love the show regardless. Unlike most fans, my favorite part of DBZ was the humor between the battles instead of the actual battles themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed all the fighting, even though it took 10 episodes for one fight.  Also, Goten is the GREATEST!

10. NaNa


Earlier I said that I’m a sucker for a funny anime, but I’m probably even more of a sucker for a good drama anime. Nana is about the lives of two women named Nana who are both following their dreams while living in Tokyo.

Although Nana is a drama anime, it’s also a slice of life anime which is also one of my favorite genres to watch.  It takes you through the life of two young women in Japan, but it still manages to be very entertaining. I recommend Nana to anyone looking for a light anime with some romance and compelling drama.

9. Beck


I rarely go for the music anime genre, but there was something about Beck that just caught my eye. For those who don’t know, Beck is anime that showcases the trials and tribulations of a high-school rock band. Beck is on my list because it made the idea of being in a rock band look really cool.

Seeing the band perform at gigs, work part-time jobs, and deal with newfound popularity at school made the anime more realistic and enjoyable at the same time. Fans of slice of life anime or the music industry will definitely enjoy this.

8. Kukoro’s Basketball

Kuroko no Basuke - OP2 - Large 06

Basketball is my favorite sport and when I found out there was a basketball anime, I was all over it. Kuroko’s Basketball centers obviously around Kuroko, a high-school freshman who joins the basketball team to beat his former middle school teammates known as the “Generation of Miracles” in the Winter Cup Tournament. There’s not much else as to why this is on my list. I love basketball and I love anime, so having both together was the perfect show for me.

7. Naruto Original Series (No Shippuden)


Most people love this show or they think it’s the most overrated piece of crap ever to be animated, but I like it. If you’re reading through this list, you most likely know what Naruto is about, so I won’t waste your time explaining the plot of the show.

The reason I didn’t include Shippudden is because the original anime is the one that I loved when I was younger. Naruto was the underdog in the original and I loved watching him prove himself to his peers time and time again. TEAM 7 FO EVA!!!

6. Shin Chan


This is probably the most vulgar, rude, and inappropriate show on my list….and that’s exactly why it’s on my list. Shin Chan was never shy about its raunchy humor and when I was younger I wasn’t used to hearing those types of jokes in anime, which is why I gravitated to it. Shin Chan is what Family Guy should’ve been and it still makes me laugh to this day.

5. GTO


It’s hard for me to explain why I like GTO so much; It’s kind of a weird show. It’s about a gang member becoming a teacher to a class of deliquents and slowly bringing all of them to the “good side.” If I had to guess why I like GTO so much, it’s probably because of how fleshed out most of the students on the show are.

The students aren’t deliquents and criminals just for the hell of it; there are reasons behind the way their acting. Whether it’s family issues, depression, or peer pressure, the kids in Onizuka’s class all have a backstory, and understanding them is the highlight of the series.

4. ToraDora


One of my guilty pleasures is a well-written romance anime, and I haven’t found one yet that can hold a candle to ToraDora. ToraDora is about the story of Ryuugi Takasu and Taiga Aisaka, two high-school students who help one another win the affections of each other’s best friends.

What Toradora does a really great job of is making me care about all the characters and the issues they have throughout the series. Without spoiling anything, I’ll just say that while watching this series, you’re going to tear up once or twice, unless you’re just dead inside.

3. Soul Eater


Even though this isn’t number 1 on the list, this is probably the anime I recommend the most to people. Soul Eater is an action anime that revolves around three teams, each consisting of a weapon meister and (at least one) weapon that can transform into a humanoid. Trying to make the latter a “death scythe” and thus fit for use by the academy’s headmaster Shinigami, the personification of death.

What caught my eye with Soul Eater is the perfect blend of action and comedy. Soul Eater reminds me of what Naruto was in the original series. I also like that there is a large integration of Halloween characters to give the anime series an eery undertone. As I said earlier, this is the anime I recommend the most and is the series I rewatch when I want intense battles with some clever humor to boot.

2. School Rumble


School Rumble is easily one of the funniest anime I’ve ever seen.  What made it so funny was the large amount of characters and all of them having their own personalities and quirks about them.  I honestly can’t remember an episode that didn’t have me in tears.

The “plot” of this show is about a love triangle involving Tenma, Harima, and Kurasima. Even though romantic storylines are referenced a lot, those are just there to build jokes around. If you haven’t seen School Rumble, stop what you’re doing and GO WATCH IT!

1. Lucky Star


You might be wondering why in the world is Lucky Star his favorite anime and it’s very simple….no plot. That might sound odd so allow me to explain. Many people refer to Lucky Star as the “Seinfeld of Anime” because of both series not having a plot and simply revolving around the lives of normal people.

Most of the shows humor comes from discussions of everyday topics such as comic books, holiday vacations, going to the doctor, and how to cook various foods. A lot of people think Lucky Star is boring because it only talks about “normal stuff,” but that is why I love the show so much, because it’s relatable. Also, the fact that there is no plot makes the show very re-watchable.