The Lazy Game of Thrones Recap: Melee in Meereen


Another exciting episode of Game of Thrones this week that became amazing the last 7 minutes. Cersei strikes back,  Jon Snow gets seduced, and we lose two of Game of Thrones more compelling characters.


King’s Landing: In last week’s episode, I talked about how Margaery had the upper hand in the continuous cat fight between her and Cersei. But this week, Cersei returned to form and got a lot of her power back as well as some revenge against Margaery and the Tyrells.

After she sent Mace Tyrell to the Iron Bank to get help with the financial troubles King’s Landing is having, I couldn’t figure out what she was plotting, but it soon became clear why she sent him away. Later, Cersei had a meeting with the High Sparrow and they talked religion and how it needs to be upheld more in King’s Landing. That leads to her re-establishing the Faith Militant who took it upon themselves to deliver “justice” to those who have sinned.

Nothing good can come from this meeting......

Nothing good can come from this meeting……

One of those sins includes homosexuality, which is where Loras Tyrell comes in. The Sparrows kidnap Loras and throw him in jail for being a homosexual and Margaery isn’t too happy about that. She barges into her and the king’s bedroom and tells Tommem what his mother did and demand her brother be released. Tommem goes to talk to his mother about what she did, but she deflected all blame and placed it all on the Faith Militant.

When the king goes and attempts to get Loras out of jail himself, he is blocked by the Sparrows and decides to come back another day. Upon hearing this, Margaery gets upset and decides it’s best to grieve with her family and leaves the king alone in his chambers. It looks like Tommem won’t be doing the horizontal polka anytime soon….

Castle Black: Things got emotional and also a little kinky down in Castle Black….. but let’s start with the kinky!

Melisandre tries to persuade Jon Snow to follow her and Stannis to Winterfell and reclaim the North. He tells her, like he told Stannis, that Castle Black is his home now and that the Night’s Watch won’t partake in the War of the Seven Kingdoms. Melisandre then proceeds  seduce Jon the same way she seduced Gendry. Jon rejects her and tells the Red Woman that he took a vow and also that he still loves another. She leaves but not before saying those 3 words that Jon Snow hates to hear….”You Know Nothing.”

Right after that, Stannis and his daughter, Shireen, have a sweet moment as he tells her how she got the greyscale disease. He talked about how everyone wanted him to send Shireen away to live out the remaining years of her life with the stone men, but Stannis adamantly refused. He went on to say that he spent a fortune on the best doctors to stop the disease from spreading and he succeeded. He ended his speech by telling Shireen that he did all of that because “you are the Princess of House Baratheon. And you are my daughter.” With tears falling down her face, Shireen hugs her father and he reluctantly hugs her back.

Such a sweet moment....

Such a sweet moment….

This scene made me happy and scared at the same time. It made me happy to hear Stannis talk about his daughter in that way because up until that point, I didn’t know how he felt about her and this scene shed some light on the relationship between the two. The reason the scene scared me is because I feel like they added this sweet moment only to kill off Shireen in the episodes to come. If you know anything about Game of Thrones, you know that they have a nasty habit of giving you a sweet moment with a character only to rip out your heart with a shocking death a few episodes later.  Oberyn Martell comes to mind…..

I really like Shireen, so I hope this doesn’t happen but knowing this show, it probably will.

Sansa: There wasn’t a lot of time for Littlefinger and Sansa this week, but there was a very interesting conversation had between the two. Littlefinger informs Sansa that he would be returning to King’s Landing, much to her dismay. Sansa tells him she’s nervous about being in Winterfell alone, but Littlefinger tells her that everything will be okay. He assures to her that whether Stannis Baratheon or Roose Bolton wins their upcoming fight, Sansa can manipulate the situation to her advantage because she “learned from the best.”

She's learning......

She’s learning……

If Sansa learns how to be HALF the manipulator that Littlefinger is, Ramsay doesn’t stand a chance….

Dorne: While sailing to Dorne, Jamie and Bronn discuss what’s to come upon their arrival. When they finally get to Dorne, they are “greeted” by Dornish soldiers who tell them to put their swords on the ground. Never being one to take orders kindly, Bronn and Jamie kill them all. After the slaughter was over, they proceed to bury the bodies of the soldiers to avoid raising eyebrows.

Jaime is getting better....

Jaime is getting better….

Elsewhere, the paramour of Oberyn Martell goes to visit his daughters a.k.a. the Sand Snakes. She tells the Sand Snakes that they have to seek their own revenge against the Lannisters and to involve Myrcella Lannister to obtain it. When one of the snakes tells her that Jaime Lannister has arrived in Dorne, she asks all of the Sand Snakes if their ready for War and they all agree. It’s not looking good for Myrcella…

Tyrion: Jorah and Tyrion ride to Meereen in a boat…..that’s it…..seriously, that’s it.

Meereen: Now, let’s get to the part of the episode that everyone will undoubtedly be talking about. Over in Meereen, Daenerys and Ser Barristan had a good conversation about how Dany’s brother use to sing to the people of King’s Landing and how he hated to kill anyone. I should have realized at this moment that this episode wasn’t going to end well.

Later on, the Sons of the Harpy started their normal daily routine of murder and anarchy which caught the attention of the unsullied soldiers, including Grey Worm. This interaction led to what was easily one of the best fight scenes of the series so far. Grey Worm was holding his own for a while, but he quickly became surrounded. It was then that Ser Barristan arrived to help fight off the Harpys.

Sir Barristan the Bold!!!

Sir Barristan the Bold!!!

Ever since Ser Barristan was introduced, we’ve been hearing about how skilled a fighter he is and holy s*** they weren’t lying. Ser Barristan was killing Harpys left and right and made it look so easy. However, him and Grey Worm started to become outnumbered which led to them unfortunately being killed. It was really sad seeing Grey Worm and Ser Barristan be killed off because they were some of the more interesting characters involved in the Daenerys plot. I don’t know how Daenerys will respond to this, but something tells me that it won’t be pleasant.

See you next week…….


  • Tommem asking Margaery if her and Cersei are having disagreements might be the understatement of the century!
  • It sucks that the Jaime and Tyrion Bromance is dead…..
  • Is Stannis father of the year???
  • I hope Tyrion becomes part of Daenerys’s small council……