The Lazy Game of Thrones Recap: Jorah got bit by a Walker!


Even though this episode wasn’t the most exciting of the season, “Kill the Boy” definetly put a lot of storylines and plots in motion. Jorah got bit, Ramsay is having women troubles, and Jon Snow is going on a cruise with the Wildlings?


Daenerys: We start the episode dealing with the aftermath of the “Melee in Meereen”  and let’s just say that Dany wants some answers. She brings all the leaders of the Meereen families down to the dungeon to “meet” the dragons. Dany offers one of the men to the dragons and it was awesome and terrifying to see at the same time. It’s going to be hard to get the image of a man being set on fire and ripped apart out of my head.


Dany don’t give a f***

Later on, Daenerys goes and talks to Hizdahr and apologizes for disregarding tradition and assures him that they will reinstate the fighting pits. This episode did a lot to show me the type of leader that Dany wants to be and will inevitably become. It takes a lot to put your ego aside and admit you’re wrong, especially for someone with as much power as her; And for her to do that showed me a lot and I’m now really rooting for Daenerys to become the Queen she deserves to be.

Also, unless I heard wrong, I think Dany and Hizdahr are getting married so……congratulations?

Sansa: Even though Sansa is the main focus of the Winterfell plot, Ramsay Snow Bolton had most of the screen time today. Ramsay has a little trouble brewing with the women in his life. His mistress girlfriend lover, Myranda, isn’t too happy about Ramsay’s upcoming nuptials and she let’s him know about it. Ramsay responds by telling her that he’s a Bolton now and he has to continue the family legacy. He also responds with telling her that she belongs to only him and that she better not bore him because she knows what happens to people who bore him….such a great guy.

Sansa on the other hand, had a reunion with someone she wasn’t expecting to see…Theon…I mean Reek. After Myranda brought Sansa down to the Kennel where the dogs and Reek sleep, he proceeded to tell her that she should leave Winterfell. Reek than told Ramsay about meeting Sansa and Ramsay made Reek apologize to Sansa at dinner for “killing” her brothers; Again, such a great guy.  While at dinner,  Roose Bolton informed everyone that his wife is pregnant with his son.

I'm liking Sansa more and more this season!

I’m liking Sansa more and more this season!

After the dinner, Roose and Ramsay have a VERY awkward discussion of where the legacy of the Boltons is going. That discussion included Roose telling his son about how he raped his mother and that’s how he was born. He also told him that he thought about throwing him in the river when he was a baby but he changed his mind. These Boltons are some great, great people. (Heavy Sarcasm Over)

Brienne/Podrick: Brienne and P-Money took a backseat this week and they only had one scene. The two talked about a plan to get Sansa away from the Boltons. Brienne talked to a man who may work with the Boltons and might be working with him to get a message to Sansa. Sorry, but that’s literally all that happened. 

Castle Black: Over in the Frozen Tundra, Jon Snow talks to one of the Windlings about going North of the wall and finding all the free people they can and bring them back. The Windling leader  refused and asked why would he work together with the “Crows” to do anything which led to Jon explaining the benefits. He told the Wildling that when they come back they would be given land to settle in that would be all their own. He agreed on going North of the wall only if Jon Snow would go with them and Jon reluctantly agreed.

Jon Snow and the Wildlings are going on a cruise you guys!!!

A meeting I never thought I would see....

A meeting I never thought I would see….

Earlier I talked about how I’ve liked the growth that Daenerys has shown when it comes to being a leader, and that is the case for Jon Snow as well. He’s put his ego and emotions aside once he became the Lord Commander and it has been very impressive to watch. Whether it was naming Alliser Thorne head of the Rangers, executing Janos, or working together with the Wildlings, Jon Snow always makes decisions for the better of Castle Black and not himself which is why Jon Snow and Daenerys are on pace to be two of the better leaders than anyone we’ve seen on Game of Thrones so far.

Tyrion: The episode ended with Tyrion and Jorah continuing their voyage to Meereen and going through Valyria to get there. While in Valyria, not only to do they see the homie Drogon fly by, but they come across some stone men as well. If you aren’t familiar with what the stone men are, you can click here to learn more, but to give a quick explanation, stone men are people who have contracted the “Greyscale” disease. It’s what Stannis’s daughter, Shireen, had which caused her face to look the way it does. The biggest problem with the disease is that if you’re touched by someone with Greyscale, you will contract the disease as well.

A face only a mother could love.....

A face only a mother could love…..

Anyway, after the two narrowly escape the attack from the stone men, they end up on shore and decide to sleep there for the night and begin their long walk the next day. It wasn’t until after the two finish their discussion that we find out that Jorah was in fact touched by one of the stone men.

As far as I know, that means that Jorah is going to die soon, so it will be interesting to see how this storyline will play out. He better not touch Dany or my boy Tyrion!

See you next week…….


  • Who’s going to give Daenerys away at the wedding……Grey Worm?
  • I don’t know who I hate more, Melisandre or Shireen’s mom…..
  • When is Podrick dropping his mixtape??????
  • It was nice to see the Grey Worm/ Missandei
  • Where the HELL was Arya?
  • I think I might hate Roose Bolton more than Cersei…..seriously!