The Lazy Game of Thrones Recap: The Internet is REALLY MAD!


Of all the things I’ve seen on Game of Thrones, whether it was a sword going through someone’s head, a dragon ripping a man into two, or seeing a man having his eyes gouged out, nothing made me as uncomfortable as what happened the last 2 minutes of this episode. But, I’ll get into that later. A lot of other things happened that weren’t as disturbing. Arya is a big fat liar, Tyrion and Jorah are kidnapped, and the Tyrells’ are in jail?

 Let’s start the recap I guess….

King’s Landing: Cersei was in rare form this week as she gave the Tyrells’ a devastating blow to the chest….. that’s boxing lingo by the way. Before I talk about what she did, I want to quickly say how glad I was to see The Queen of Thrones a.k.a the OG Tyrell back in King’s Landing. There’s only a few people who can go toe to toe with Cersei Lannister, and Olenna Tyrell is one of them. While their conversation wasn’t as entertaining as the few that Olenna and Tywin Lannister had, it was still very much enjoyable.

The OG is back.....

The OG is back…..

When the trial for Loras Tyrell started, I was pretty confident that he would end up free of all charges because there was no proof of him being gay. Even when he and Margaery were being interrogated, I wasn’t worried because it was their words against his. But, when I saw Loras’s “lover” walk in, I said to myself “Oh S***.” Even after that, I thought that he wouldn’t admit to what him and Loras did together but lo and behold he did. After that, the High Sparrow concluded that there was enough evidence to arrest Loras and My Baby Margaery. I have a feeling that The Queen of Thrones has a trick up her sleeve to turn the tables, but I’m not sure. Maybe tell the High Sparrows about a little incest that went on in the Lannister family…..who knows?

Arya: I’ve been a little disappointed at how little we’ve seen Arya so far this season. She’s my favorite character on Game of Thrones and I’m very interested in seeing where the storyline with the House of Black & White goes which is why I want to see more scenes with her. Thankfully, we got to see a lot of her today as she started to learn a skill that a faceless person should have….lying. Hearing that girl tell Arya the story about her childhood only to convince Arya that she could possibly be lying was impressive.



Later on, when a sick girl came in with a lot of pain, Arya told the girl a lie about how her father bringing  her to the House of Black & White to get better when she was sick. The scene was sad and sweet at the same time. On one hand, Arya lied to the girl to get her to drink the water which killed her, but on the other hand, she lied and put the girl out of her misery. However you want to look at it, it was nice to see Arya learning the skills needed to become the Assassin we all want her to be.

Dorne: Short week for Jaime and Bronn  but there was an awesome fight that broke out. When Jaime and Bronn found Myrcella and tried to bring her with them, the Sand Snakes showed up and tried to kidnap her. That’s when the fight broke out and it was really cool to see Bronn and some of the Sand Snakes go at it. It wasn’t long before some of the Dornish soldiers came and broke up the fight and took everyone captive. I don’t know where this section of the show is going (I’m Lying) but something tells me it won’t be good for Myrcella. 

Secret Spoiler —– HEAR HEAR HEAR HEAR! —–Secret Spoiler  🙂

Tyrion: It was also a short (teehee) week for Tyrion and Jorah as they were ambushed and captured by men looking to sell them as slaves and also cut off Tyrion’s…..”happy stick” because it’s believed to be good luck. Tyrion, being the intelligent man he is, finds a way to save he and Jorah’s tuchus by convincing the men to let Jorah compete in the newly opened fighting pits. It will be great to see Jorah in a fight again. 

Sansa: Let’s just get the Elephant out of the room, Sansa got raped. I have to be honest, when I first saw that scene, I was angry that it happened, but after taking a step back and thinking about it, my anger was gone.  Now, saying that people on the Internet were upset with the scene would be the understatement of the century. While most people are pretty pissed about that scene, to me, it strangely made sense.

Not even going to make a joke.....

Not even going to make a joke…..

What I think the producers were trying to do is set up Sansa finally going on the offense against the Boltons. I believe that they wanted to show Sansa at “rock bottom” and signify this being her breaking point; I really believe that. I think the scene was significant for Reek Theon as well. With Theon feeling bad for what he did to the Starks and having to watch that horrible thing happen to Sansa will probably cause him to help her with her revenge.

If this is the case, the rape scene was actually a very important scene for the both of them. I’m looking forward to see where the rest of this season goes because depending on what happens to Sansa, that rape scene could either be really important….or really unneccesary.

See you next week…….


  • The Internet is really butthurt about that scene…..
  • When is Arya gonna KILL somebody!!!
  • Try and figure out that secret spoiler in the Dorne section….HEAR HEAR HEAR HEAR
  • I can’t wait for Tyrion and Daenarys to meet each other!