A Lazy Game Review: Game of Thrones “Sons of Winter”


Don’t worry, there aren’t any major spoilers. 🙂

Even though it could just be me being hype because I just finished playing, I feel like this was easily the best episode of the Game of Thrones series. Each storyline had its own moment to shine and while this episode had a considerable amount of action, there was a lot of character development that made the 2 hour playthrough that much more captivating.

I’ll start with the character who has definitely been the MVP of this game so far and that would be Mira Forrester. In the past episodes, her scenes have always been enjoyable and compelling, but in Sons of Winter, she takes her skills of manipulation and deceit to a whole new level. This is of course all based on how you’ve played the game so far. I’m sure some people have been very honest and genuine when playing as Mira, but the Mira in my playthrough is willing to blackmail or betray almost anyone if it means helping to protect her family. It’s not that I’m going out of my way to be shady when playing as Mira, but in my mind, she barely knows these people in King’s Landing and with the exception of Margaery and Tom, there’s no one she can really trust.

got42Without spoiling too much of the story, when playing as Mira, you’re trying to figure out the person in King’s Landing that is working with Lord Whitehill. While at the coronation for Tommen, you spend your time ease dropping on people’s conversation and using that information to turn friends against each other and cause them to become enemies for your benefit. Of all the characters in this game, I think it’s safe to say that Mira has had the most growth since the premiere episode of the TellTale series. Going from a simple handmaiden to a woman whose manipulation skills are arguably on par with Littlefinger is really impressive and I hope her development continues in the final two episodes.

Gared Tuttle section of the episode had surprisingly a lot of action in it. After killing Britt last week, Gared’s execution is set for the following morning which leads to him and Cotter wanting to escape and head for the North Grove. Since Gared and Cotter leaving would make Finn look guilty, he decides to escape as well leading to all three of them becoming deserters of the Night’s Watch.


Earlier I said there was a lot of action with Gared this episode and that’s honestly what made his scenes more fun to play. I’ve also grown to like Finn & Cotter more after playing Sons of Winter due to the fact that it’s just the three of them now and the only way they can survive is by relying on each other. There’s also a crucial choice in this episode that could lead to Finn or Cotter hating you for a long time….good luck. 🙂

Asher’s storyline provided some much-needed backstory for Beskha and gave us some insight as to why she has such a disdain for Meereen. Before learning Beskha’s big secret, Daenaerys sends Asher, Beskha, and Croft on a mission to free the slaves by infiltrating the city. In exchange for them freeing the slaves, Daenarys will help Asher secure the army he needs to help his family against the Whitehills. Just like Gared, Asher’s scenes not only had a lot of action in them, they were the most exciting action scenes in this series so far. The only scenes that come close in comparison are the action scenes in the final episode of the extremely well-written first season of the Wolf Among Us, which you can watch HERE! —-Don’t watch if you plan on playing Wolf Among Us in the future.


I want to go back and talk about Beskha for a moment. While it was great to learn about Beskha and some of the things she’s done in her past, what made that conversation even more special was how it led to a major decision later on in the game involving Beskha getting some revenge. Depending on your choice, it can make this mission go smoothly, or make it much, much harder.

Speaking of revenge, the last part of the game I want to talk about is Rodrik and what went on at House Forrester. One of my only issues with the Game of Thrones series has been how they’ve been handling the interactions between the Forresters and the Whitehills. While it made sense for the Whitehills to cause chaos and degrade the Forresters in the first two episodes. Seeing it repeated again in The Sword in the Darkness seemed repetitive and unnecessary. Thankfully, Rodrik took to the offense this time around with the help of Elaena Glenmore. Not only was this revenge satisfying, but it was satisfying to the point where I almost became as much of monster as Gryff Whitehill himself. 


Later on in the game, you are invited to dinner by who else but Lord Whitehill. Rodrik and the others attend the dinner with the hopes of a possible exchange of hostages and that leads to the most intense part of the game. Of all the episodes of Game of Thrones I played through, I’ve never been so afraid to make a decision than the ones that were made during this dinner.

Although the very last scene of the episode felt a tiny bit weak, it definitely set up a lot of drama for the episodes to come. With the four storylines all slowly coming together, I’m very eager to see how these inevitable confrontations will end because we all know, it won’t end well for most of them.

Rating: 10/10


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