My Blogging Challenge: The 7 Days of Hell




Since I’m not doing anymore Game of Thrones Recaps for a while, I wanted to think of something else fun to do on my blog. I came up with the idea of putting out a blog article everyday and calling it The 7 Days of Hell, catchy right?

Anyway, starting tomorrow, I’ll be putting out a post everyday for the entire week. The posts will consist of topics about Television Shows, Videogames, Movies, and Music….you know, the usual.

After the week has ended, you’ll be able to access the posts by clicking the individual links down below!

Day 1
           Day 2
                      Day 3
                                 Day 4
                                            Day 5
                                                       Day 6
                                                                  Day 7

PS: If you want to do the Hell Week challenge with me, let me know in the comments so I can read your posts throughout the week! 🙂