The E3 Games I’m Most Excited for {Day 1}

E3 GamesHeader

Even though I don’t play videogames as much as I used to, I was still very excited for this year’s E3 conferences, specifically the conference put on by Sony since I will be getting a PS4 sometime in the future. 

Anyway, here are a couple of the games from E3 that I’m really excited for! 

Batman Arkham Night


Batman Arkham City was one of my favorite games to play on my PS3 and when I do get a PS4, this will probably end up being one of my favorites as well. Batmobile FTW!!!

Horizon Zero Dawn


I hadn’t even heard of this game until E3, but from what I saw, it will be in competition for Game of the Year. I love open world adventure games and Horizon looks right up my alley. 

South Park: The Fractured but Whole (TeeHee)


Come on, it’s another South Park game. Why wouldn’t I be excited for this?

Uncharted 4


Back in 2012, I bought my PS3 just so I could play Uncharted 3. The idea of seemingly controlling an action movie was what drew me to the Uncharted franchise and it’s the reason I haven’t left. The only reason I’m buying a PS4 is to play Uncharted 4 so it’s good to know Naughty Dog still has this hold over me.

TellTale’sWalking Dead : Michonne Series


This game wasn’t officially announced during E3, but that’s when I heard about it so I’m putting it in any way. I’m a HUGE fan of TellTale games whether it’s Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Wolf Among Us, or Tales from the Borderlands. Any TellTale game that comes out I will probably play and this one is no different.

This post is a part of my blogging challenge that I call HELL WEEK which you can read about HERE.