Why didn’t anyone tell me Bob’s Burgers was so funny? {Day 3}


It really would have been nice if someone would have told me this show was so funny. I never gave Bob’s Burgers a chance because I’m pretty sure the first season got fairly bad reviews which made me just assume it would eventually get cancelled.

However, recently I’ve been continuously seeing Bob’s Burgers show up on TV recommendation lists and hearing about how great the show has been for five seasons. After watching a couple of episodes from season 2, it quickly became one of my favorite shows currently airing on TV today. It’s been a long time since I’ve become obsessed with a show so quickly. The last time that’s happened to me was probably when I first started watching Orange is the New Black.


Everyone in the Belcher family is funny enough to hold their own, but my favorite character would probably have to be the youngest member of the family, Louise. Her sarcasm is probably what I like about her character the most and I also like the fact that she holds no punches when talking to people and has no problem telling you you’re an idiot.

So, for all of you people who’ve been watching Bob’s Burgers for the past 5 seasons, shame on you for not telling me it was so good and well-written….SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

This post is a part of my blogging challenge that I call HELL WEEKwhich you can read about HERE.