Retro Rewind: Teen Titans {Day 4}



Retro Rewind will be an ongoing series of blog posts made up of my views on classic Movies & Television shows.

Of all the animated series I watched when I was younger, Teen Titans is definitely one my top 3 favorites, right behind Justice League Unlimited & Static Shock(Which I’ll talk about next week.) Before we go any further, I want to make it absolutely clear that I’m talking about the original Teen Titans animated series that premiered in the mid 2000’s and not the Teen Titans show that’s on today. Are you still here? Good, now let’s chat…

What made Teen Titans one of my favorite animated series was that it was one of the few shows that managed to have a perfect blend of comedy and action with a sprinkle of drama. Another thing the show did well was actually have the Teen Titans just be normal teenagers every once in a while. They weren’t just trying to save the world all the time, they were doing normal things that teenagers do such as playing video games, going to the movies, arguing over chores, and even going to parties. Making the Titans feel like normal people while still showcasing their superpowers is the aspect of the show I appreciated the most.


There was also a lot of great storylines during the Teen Titans run which helped the show have a very serious tone from time to time. Some of the more compelling storylines were the ones involving Slade and Terra.  The episodes with Terra in particular were among the better episodes of the series because it made the Titans have to deal with learning how to fully trust someone outside the group and also having to deal with being betrayed by someone they all believed to be a friend.  Most cartoons don’t and didn’t deal with trust and betrayal to the extent that Teen Titans did which is what set it apart from the other shows on Television.

Even though there is another version of Teen Titans on TV right now, it’s nowhere near as good as the series that came before it. I feel the old show could have lasted at least 2 more seasons before being cancelled, but the network obviously thought otherwise.

When it comes to superhero shows today, whether animated or live-action, they all could learn a thing or two from Teen Titans on how to give a show depth and personality. 


This post is a part of my blogging challenge that I call HELL WEEKwhich you can read about HERE.