Music Spotlight: So Much Future Bass {Day 5}

Morning SkyHeader

I’ve recently started listening to a new genre of music called Future Bass and I’ve been listening to a LOT of it. I know I might be late to the party but I’m an old man and I usually don’t understand “young people’s music.” Anyway, here is the futuristic mini playlist for the week!

Autolaser – 88

Jackie – Utsukushii

Grant Bowtie – Clockwork

Sushi Killer & Kevin Villecco – Anime Bae

Astronaut – Champions (feat. Harry Brooks Jnr) (WRLD Remix)

Hyper Potions & Subtact – Adventures

Hyper Potions – Porta Vista

Hundaes – If Only

Aerocity – Cold Weather Kids

Grant Bowtie – Reach

Have a great weekend!!!

 This post is a part of my blogging challenge that I call HELL WEEK which you can read about HERE.