The Lazy Orange is the New Black Review: Piper Don’t Play {Day 7}



Season Review but don’t worry there are NO SPOILERS 🙂

This was definitely an up-and-down season for me. I enjoyed the majority of OITNB’s 3rd season, but throughout my binge-watching, I was waiting for that “oomph” and it never came.

Overall, this season was noticeably more positive than the previous two which was a nice change of pace. I enjoyed all the drama from the other seasons, but having one of the most dramatic plots of the season be if Crazy Eyes was ever going to finish her erotic novel was a win for me. Don’t get me wrong, there was absolutely a lot of gut-wrenching and emotional storylines this season, and the fact that this was a much lighter season made those emotional scenes that much more powerful. 


The flashbacks during this season were as entertaining and informative as usual, even though some were a little more ridiculous than others. Learning the backstories of characters we don’t hear much from was a great way to understand their psyche and get a better perspective of why the women act the way they do now that their in prison. We also got flashbacks of characters we’ve already seen flashbacks of which was fine, but I would have rather learned more about the new characters instead of getting more details on people we already know so much about. 

One of the strongest aspects of this season was how it handled the situation with Alex and her thinking someone in the prison is trying to kill her for what she did last season. There were a lot of twists during these scenes that kept you on your feet because you thought you knew who it was and then you realized you weren’t even close. That storyline ended on a strong note and without spoiling anything, I’m interested to see how Alex gets out of the predicament the writers put her in, if she can get out of it.

Now, when it comes to the weakest aspect of this season, I would have to give that to the Norma plot. The idea of her being the savior of a cult in the prison was very funny at first, but after a while I really got sick and tired of hearing about it. The only good thing it led to was a new friendship between a specific group of women in the prison that I won’t spoil, but once you see it develop in the last episode, you’ll appreciate it.  


Last thing I want to talk about is good ol’ Piper. It was really hard for me to understand where her character was going this season until about midway through it. When Alex came back to the prison, I was afraid we were going to go through another season of Piper and Alex having an on-and-off again relationship, but thankfully the show shut that idea down right away. Early on, she came off as very jaded and also dismissive of Alex’s feelings, but then I realized that she’s slowly becoming a cold and manipulative person and that’s when everything started to make a lot of sense for me.


Not only is she becoming cold, she’s pretty much a horrible person at this point. She has no remorse for the people she hurts and doesn’t really care about anything or anyone. Her character development this season is eerily similar to the transformation of Walter White in Breaking Bad, which they do make reference to in the show. Now, am I saying that she’s becoming a drug lord?; No, but by the end of the season, you’ll barely recognize her and you probably won’t like her too much either. I’m still not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but we’ll see. 

If I had to rank this season of Orange is the New Black, I would put it ahead of season 2 and behind season 1. It wasn’t the best season, but it wasn’t the worst either. The final scene of the season at the lake was a very nice and heart-warming look into the mindset of these women who’ve had their freedom taken away for so long. As dark and depressing as this show can be sometimes, it was a refreshing change to see the third season end on a happier and positive note.

Season Rating: 7.5/10

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