iZombie is surprisingly one of the best shows this season

Let me just start by saying that when it comes to pre-judging a show before watching it, I’ve NEVER been more wrong than I was with iZombie. Just going off the name and it being on the CW, I assumed the show would be essentially be Twilight or Vampire Diaries, but with Zombies; you know, a show intended for teenage girls that is 90% romance. Like I said earlier, that couldn’t have been farther from the truth. 

iZombie is in fact, one of the best shows on TV that premiered this season. Not only that, but it had a surprisingly strong first season with very few bumps along the way. It usually takes a while for most shows in its first season to hit their stride, like it did for The Flash, but thankfully, after about two episodes, iZombie finds the proper blend of comedy and drama that perfectly complements the crazy and sometimes cartoonish (in a good way) world the show has created for itself.


The best part of iZombie has to be the fact that EVERY character on the show is extremely likeable, even the villains. A lot of shows make the easy mistake of making the villain of their world completely evil without any redeeming qualities. iZombie thankfully made it where the main villain of the show, Blaine, is not only likeable and charming, but you often times find yourself rooting for him, that could just be me though. 

Another character that I was pleasantly surprised with was Liv’s main love interest, Major Lilywhite. When it comes to the love interests, it is very common for them to just be attractive props that don’t have any purpose outside of what’s going on with the main character, e.g., Iris West.  Major, on the other hand, has his own separate storyline that doesn’t have much to do with Liv, if at all. The show treats the growth and development of their characters with the utmost care and respect, which is very refreshing. 

If you haven’t watched the first season of iZombie, trust me when I tell you that it’s much better than you probably think it is. As someone who completely wrote the show off before watching a single episode, I quickly learned iZombie is definitely worth the time investment.