Music Spotlight: FAVORITE ANIME MUSIC – Part 2 {AUDIO}


My first post about anime theme songs (which you can view HERE) did really well, so I thought I’d make a part 2. ENJOY!

Song: My Will
Anime: Inuyasha

Song: Every Heart
Anime: Inuyasha

Song: Last Dinosaur
Anime: FLCL

Song: Yura Yura
Anime: Naruto

Song: My Soul, Your Beats!
Anime: Angel Beats

Song: My Soul, Your Beats! (Rock Version)
Anime: Angel Beats

Song: Shizuku
Anime: GTO

Song: Alive
Anime: Naruto

Song: Sentimental Generation
Anime: School Rumble

Song: Bye Bye
Anime: Kimi No Boku

Song: Haraka Kanata
Anime: Naruto

What are some of your favorite anime theme songs? Let me know in the comments!