Twitch vs. YouTube Gaming: Which will you use?


Yesterday, YouTube finally unveiled its live game streaming platform known as YouTube Gaming. Everyone is talking about how YouTube Gaming is eventually going to take over the streaming market and be more popular than Twitch, and I agree.

When it comes to my personal video game viewing habits, most of it’s done on YouTube. I’m subscribed to the channels I like on YouTube and I watch a few videos daily. Twitch on the other hand is a different story. Aside from a few channels I watch such as Kinda Funny Games, AlfredoPlays, and Steimer Says, I’m never on Twitch…ever.

YouTube Gamingtest

I know that Twitch has its large and loyal fan base, but I’ve noticed that a lot of the people who are on Twitch also have YouTube channels where they post their gameplay videos as well. It seems to me that most gamers gravitated to Twitch because it provided something that YouTube didn’t, which was the ability to live stream video games efficiently. 

Now that YouTube has finally put out a product that almost much rivals Twitch in every way, will it slowly steal away Twitch’s gamers and fans? If you’re a YouTuber who primarily puts out gaming videos as content, is there really a point to stay on Twitch when your community is probably on YouTube anyway? It’ll be interesting to see how the introduction of YouTube Gaming will affect a lot of gamers and how they plan on streaming their games.

Will you start watching YouTube Gaming or will you stick with Twitch? Or are you going to watch both? Let me know in the comments!