I Love School Rumble So Much!


Since I was binge-watching School Rumble over the Labor Day weekend, it made me want to talk about why I love the show so much. Even though I already talked about School Rumble in my top 13 favorite anime of all-time post, I wanted to give more detail as to why it’s one of my favorites. Warning! I’m going to nerd out for a little bit.

The main reason I love School Rumble so much is that there are so many characters on the show. All of the characters have very different personalities and different senses of humor. If you don’t like one character on the show, there are 5 others that you’ll love.

I also like how silly and ridiculous School Rumble can be at times. Of all the anime I have watched—and I’ve seen a lot of them—School Rumble is the anime that reminds me the most of old American cartoons from the 90’s which as a 90’s kid, I appreciate. Whether you find out a girl has superhuman strength or one of the boys in school is actually an alien, you accept it because you’re invested in the insane world of School Rumble.


The last thing I want to talk about is how School Rumble plays around with all of the many, many, MANY love storylines. While there are a lot of romantic undertones on the show, it never gets too “lovey-dovey.” The majority of the students has a crush on someone and seeing them try to impress their crushes and getting constantly jealous  is where a lot of the laughs come from.

If you like School Rumble, let me know what you like about it in the comments and if you’ve never seen it, stop reading this and go watch it now!