The Lazy Flash Recap: Barry is the new Pope!


I just want to start this recap off by letting you guys know that I’ve stepped my Photoshop skills up a little since my Game of Thrones recap days as you can see by the header image above. That’s all I wanted to say. It’good to be back, but I’m not going to waste any more time.

Your favorite TV show is back on the air and there was a lot to get through during the season premiere. Barry’s gone solo, Ronnie is dead, and Cisco is working for the Police Department?


We come back 6 months after The Flash dealt with the giant black hole possibly destroying the city. They show through flashbacks that it was actually Ronnie and not Barry who saved the city by sacrificing his own life. Because of that, Barry doesn’t want to show up downtown to be celebrated by the city on “Flash Day.”

After being told by everyone that he should go, he decides to show up and when he gets to the celebration, everyone is treating him like he’s the Pope (as they should.)  While The Flash was accepting his honorary key to the city, Mr. Party Pooper a.k.a Atom Smasher(I like my name better) comes and throws a hissy fit.

I’ve always been a fan of the action scenes on The Flash because each of them will usually have one or two really cool moments you’ll want to see again and this week’s episode was no different. Seeing Barry throw the propane tanks in the air and have Joe shoot them was awesome and it appears early on that the show is stepping their game up when it comes to special effects.


Back at the Police Department, an attorney representing Dr. Wells informs Barry that S.T.A.R. labs will be taken away from him unless he agrees to watch the video that Wells left for him. Barry refuses and the attorney tells him that the decision is 100% up to him.

After getting an alert about a security breach at the lab, Barry rushes there only to see it’s just Joe and the others. They try to persuade Barry to let them help him stop Atom Smasher, but Emo Barry is adamantly against it to the point where he runs off to fight him without taking his earpiece to talk to the others. Once he gets there and fights Atom Smasher….he pretty much gets his a** whooped and needs Cisco to turn on an alarm for a distraction so The Flash can escape.  I love The Flash, but it’s always funny to see him take a L once in a while.


Later on after getting choked out, Barry goes and sees Caitlin to apologize for not being able to save Ronnie. Caitlin tells him that she blames herself for Ronnie’s death, not him. She talks about how if she would have left Central City when Ronnie wanted to, he would still be alive. THE FEELS!

Caitlin then convinces Barry to finally watch the will that Wells left for him and it turns out that the will was Wells giving a full confession of  killing Barry’s mom. As dark and depressing as this episode was at times(in a good way), I was glad that something in Barry’s life FINALLY turned positive. It was getting stressful watching everything in Barry’s life turn to crap over and over…and over again.

Back at the Lab while everyone is celebrating that Barry’s dad is coming home soon, Cisco informs everyone that he thinks he’s come up with a way to defeat the Atom Smasher. But first, they have to draw him out and they do that by creating  a Bat Flash Signal.


Barry lures Mr. Smasher into a room and quickly escapes while the room is being filled with enough radiation to kill him…which it did. I don’t know how I feel about The Flash and the Star Squad Mafia(I made that name up) killing people, but I guess I’m okay with it for now.

Later on, Barry’s dad is finally released from jail and what’s the first thing he does… tells his son he’s leaving Central City. I’m on the fence about Henry leaving right after he gets out of prison. On one hand, I understand where he’s coming from when he says Barry can’t be the man he’s meant to be if he stays in Central City. But on the other hand, Barry went through SO MUCH to get his dad out of jail and I don’t think it would have killed him to stay for a week. They could’ve went and saw a movie or something together I don’t know.

Also, Jay Garrick showed up.

See you next week….

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