The Lazy Flash Recap: Speedster meets Comet



Another strong episode in this early second season as we deal with some issues Barry is having and we also meet a new member of the Central City Police Department.

Jay Garrick joins the squad, Cisco is having acid trips, Patty Spivot arrives, and Barry can throw lightning now?


The episode begins with Jay Garrick (a.k.a. Jay-G) telling the Star Squad about Zoom and informing them that their world is in danger. Barry is noticeably skeptical of everything that Garrick is saying and because of that, wants Caitlin to run tests on him to figure out if Jay-G is who he says he is. Barry’s trust issues take center stage in Flash of two Worlds and the fact that he does in fact trust issues makes a lot of sense. Think about it, the last person he trusted and took advice from was Dr. Wells and that relationship didn’t end very well to say the least which makes Barry’s cold demeanor towards Jay extremely valid.


Later on, Joe West meets an officer who wants to be a part of the task force named Patty Spivot Mayonnaise.  At first, Joe West is adamantly against the idea because he feels that she would be in serious danger fighting against meta-humans. Well, that didn’t stop her because when Patty Mayonnaise wants something, she’s going to get it. Even though this is only her first episode, I already really like this character. She’s assertive, driven, and from what I saw in this episode, pretty good at tracking down criminals. Plus, it’s always good to have another women on the show to help balance things out. I also like the light-hearted and silly relationship that she and Barry have with each other and I’m bracing myself for the inevitable “Batty” or “Parry” shipping to begin.

Don't f*uck with Patty Mayonnaise

Don’t f*uck with Patty Mayonnaise

Getting back to the episode, the Sand Demon was the villain this week who because he is LITERALLY made of sand, made it difficult for The Flash to fight against him. Thankfully, Jay-G was there to teach him a new skill to help him defeat the meta-human. By the way, that skill just happens to be running fast enough to throw lightning. Now, I’ve been a Flash fan way before this show came out, but I had no clue that he could throw lightning…man, that’s awesome! Anyway, after Patty Mayonnaise or Patty Mac (Sorry for these nicknames) gets kidnapped by the Sand Demon, Jay-G and The Flash worked together to stop him.

The last thing I want to touch on is Cisco and him dealing with his newfound powers. Ever since last season, he would get random “visions” of things that have already happened and that has continued early on into this season.


I like the fact that Cisco doesn’t want anyone to know about his powers because based on what we know about Cisco, you would think he couldn’t wait to tell people about his abilities. When it comes to the Vibe character, I don’t know much about him, but I can’t wait to see what Cisco can do once he gets full control of his powers.

Also, when it comes to Jay-G’s Suit…


See you next week….

Random Thoughts

  • Why is Iris in the Lab all the time? Doesn’t she have like…a job?
  • I would rather Barry and Patty Mac date than him and Iris.
  • I wonder if Cisco is going to give himself a nickname…

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