The Lazy Game of Thrones Recap: Snow White Awakens


After returning back with a solid premiere last week, we get an episode that was filled to the brim with action, heartbreak, and obviously murder. I liked this episode more than the premiere because “Home” not only put into motion some of the already established plotlines, but they introduced some new ones as well. But, we’ll get to that in a second because we have a lot to discuss. Tyrion made two new friends, Ramsay did Ramsay things, Bran sees the past, and JON SNOW IS ALIVE!!!

Let the recap begin….

Ramsay: Let’s start off with what was easily the most shocking part of the episode which was Ramsay killing Papa Bolton. Even though I was shocked that Ramsay killed his father, I wasn’t shocked as to why he chose to do it. Roose just told him that his son was just born, which made Ramsey disposable at that point, so Ramsay had to dispose of him first.


Father’s Day is gooing to be pretty awkward this year…

Now, when we get to him killing his mom and his newborn brother, I both hate and love the scene at the same time. I hate the scene because I hate Ramsay as a person because he’s an evil piece of s***; on the other hand, I love that he did it because Ramsay has always been a wild card as far as us never knowing what he’s going to do next, and now with the power that comes with being the lord in his grasp, there’s no telling what he’ll do, which I love.

King’s Landing: For what little time we spent with the Lannister’s these past two episodes, I feel like we’ve been treated to some solid character development so far. With the death of their daughter still fresh in their minds, Jaime and Cersei are handling it in different ways. While Jaime is lashing out at the high sparrow about how they treated his sister/girlfriend/baby mama, Cersei is sending Robert Strong out to do her dirty work for her.

So much violence this week...

So much violence this week…

Despite how I feel about Cersei, I can’t forgive Tommen for not letting her attend her  daughter’s funeral. Whatever reasons he may have had, you just don’t do that. The scene with Tommen and Cersei was a hard one for me to understand in the sense that I can’t tell what Cersei was thinking. Did she forgive him? Is she still angry? Or has she just been broken from all she’s had to deal with in the past few weeks? I’m not sure, but I’m fascinated to see where her storyline goes next.

Bran: After not being on the show for an entire season, we meet back up with Bran. If I’m being honest, of all the storylines on this show right now, Bran’s story is the one I’m probably the least interested in. Putting that aside, it was nice seeing him again, even if he does look like he should be in college. When we meet back up with him, he’s looking into the past and seeing his father Ned, and Ned’s siblings all as children. We’re also introduced to Hodor, or should I say Willis, as his younger self. If Bran storyline continues to be as entertaining as his few scenes were this episode, I might start to be interested. 

Someone's getting old...

Someone’s getting old…

Arya: We didn’t spend much time with Arya this week (BOO!), but at least things are slowly progressing. She got beat up (again) by the same girl but this time she is greeted by Jaqen H’ghar. He keeps asking her to say her name but she keeps telling him that she is no one. Noticing that, he decides to let her back into the house of black & white; at least I think he is.

Tyrion: Just like Arya we didn’t spend too much time with Tyrion the pIMP, but seeing him become friends with Dany’s dragons was well worth the limited screen time. Even though I was positive he wasn’t going to die, I wasn’t sure how the dragons would react to him, especially after being caged up for so long. Thankfully, it appears they appreciate him taking their chains off and now they’re all bros…nice!


Bros for life!

Sansa: We catch back up with Sansa and Co. as they are on their way to Castle Black. Brienne tells Sansa about her encounter with Arya which I very much appreciated because if the two Stark girls aren’t going to see each other anytime soon, I at the very least want them to know that each other is still alive.

The saddest part of the episode...

The saddest part of the episode…

Shortly after, Theon informs Sansa that he has no intentions on staying at Castle Black and he asks for one of the horses so he can return home to Pyke. I’m actually kind of sad that Theon is separating from Sansa because he did so much to make sure she was okay that it’s just a bummer that they probably won’t meet again.

Pyke: Speaking of Theon, back at his old stomping grounds, Balon and Yara Greyjoy argue over whether to go to battle or not after one of their strongholds’ is taken down. After Balon puts his foot down over the matter, he heads outside where he is confronted by his brother, Euron.  After having a brief conversation on who should be the current ruler, Euron quickly throws Balon over the bridge which kills him. Now, I haven’t read the books so I don’t anything about Euron Greyjoy, but he’s already interesting to me off the simple fact that he’s crazy, and I like crazy.

Castle Black: Okay, finally we can talk about the only part of the episode that people actually care about. But, before we get to that, let’s briefly talk about what happened that lead up to it. Seeing the wildlings and that giant make quick work of those traitors at the wall was very satisfying. I wish we could see a giant kill someone every week, but that might just be me.



Anyway, the most important thing to happen in this entire episode was that through Melisandre’s magic, Jon Snow has been resurrected. With Jon Snow now being alive again, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. Will Jon Snow’s personality change? How will he deal with the traitors? Since he died, does that technically mean he’s not obligated to be at the wall anymore? We’ll probably get a lot of those questions answered next week so until then, let’s just be thankful that Jon Snow White has awakened from his slumber.

See you next week….