My Game of Thrones Review: Guess who’s back!

Game of Thrones Review: Blood of my Blood

After last week’s heartbreaking loss, I was curious about how Game of Thrones would follow it up. Even though I had a few issues (with Daenerys) that I’ll get into later, I’m pleased with how the episode managed to pack so much into one episode.

Game of Thrones has always had a habit of bringing characters back just as soon as you have completely forgot about them. Seeing Uncle Benjen again after 5 seasons was both gratifying and confusing. I was happy that he could save Bran and Meera from the White Walkers, but the idea of him being a zombie is kind of depressing. 

It had been a while since we last saw Sam and Gilly, so it was nice to see what they have been up to. We got to have a few enjoyable moments with the two, but that quickly went away as soon as dinner started. Listening to Sam’s father berate his son and Gilly during dinner was tough for me to get through. What made it worse was the camera continuing to pan over to Sam’s face every few minutes just to see the pain in his eyes.

Game of Thrones Review: Blood of my Blood

If you don’t feel bad looking at this picture, you’re dead inside!

Parents hating their children is nothing new for Game of Thrones, but hearing someone speak to their son like that is still surprising all the same. Randyll makes Tywin Lannister look like father of the decade. Thankfully, Sam and Gilly are leaving and I’m glad Sam took the family sword to spite his dad because his dad is literally the worst.

During my review for last week’s episode, I talked about my disappointment with the lack of progression in Arya’s storyline. Well, it appears they heard me because we finally got some progression. Not only that, but this was the first time all season where I was satisfied with how her scene ended.  It was nice seeing her genuinely enjoy the play as she was waiting for the right time to poison the actress’s drink. But, after Arya and the actress had their brief conversation, I honestly didn’t know if Arya would still go through with it; or if I wanted her to.

Game of Thrones Review: Blood of my Blood

You’re not doing a very good job at being an assassin right now Arya…

When I heard Arya give the woman a fake name, I believed she was going to let her die. However, after she slapped the drink away and warned her about the other actress’s motives, I began to fear for Arya and what repercussions she’ll face because of her decision. I was happy that she went and got needle out of her hiding place, but I’m worried about what she’s going to have to do with it. Only time will tell, but it’s good to see Arya’s scenes actually going somewhere.

Before I get into what really bug me this episode (it’s Daenerys), I want to talk about what went down in King’s Landing. This episode helped me realize one thing, Tommen is the most naive and gullible person on this show by far. The fact that he would form an alliance with the High Sparrow is beyond comprehension. Actually, I take that back. It makes perfect sense why Tommen, the boy who’s morals and opinions change based on who he talks to that day, would totally make a decision like this.

Game of Thrones Review: Blood of my Blood


Now, I’ve hated the Lannisters with a burning passion for five seasons at this point. But, this season, I’ve found myself sympathizing with them because of the lost of their daughter. My newfound compassion for Cersei and Jaime is why their son’s (stupid) decision angers me so much. How many people have to tell him the Sparrows are pieces of crap before he gets the message? Ugh, I almost miss Joffrey…almost.

Although Tommen’s new alliance with the Sparrows slightly annoyed me, that’s nothing compared to how angry I got with how this episode ended. I’m beyond tired of episodes ending with Daenerys giving a speech about how people should fight for her because she has dragons and blah blah blah. Seriously, what was the point of that last scene? Was it just to show Dany being with her dragon again? Also, how did she just randomly find it? Does she have spidey senses, but for dragons?

Anyway, like I said earlier, despite a few problems, Blood of my Blood added a few new plotlines while also developing many of the ones already established.

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