My Game of Thrones Review: Always feed your dogs


I’ve always said that Game of Thrones is at its best when there is a huge battle to be seen. Whether it’s Blackwater, Hardhome, or tonight’s Battle of The Bastards, these are some of the best episodes of television you’re ever going to see and it’s important that we all don’t take it for granted. Many of us have had valid complaints this season about specific storylines being pointless or an over emphasis on dialogue, but it’s good to know that when Game of Thrones wants to deliver, it does.

Even though the main focus of the episode was the battle between Jon and Ramsay, the time spent in Meereen was just as important if not more so. The fact that Dany still listened to Tyrion’s advice after his massive mistake spoke volumes about her character. Season 1-2 Daenerys probably would have written him off completely, but the conversation between the two showed her growth as a leader.


The dragons coming and destroying everything was predictably awesome, but I was more entertained with the scene involving Yara and Theon. Game of Thrones has been known for their portrayal of strong female characters and the dialogue between Daenerys and Yara kept that going. The sign of a well-written show is when it can send a message in a subtle way. Yara and Daenerys bonding over the lack of respect the two of them receive because they’re women showed us as viewers that the ladies on this show aren’t letting their gender define them anymore. A show such as Supergirl had trouble conveying this message  in its first season without it feeling forced and lazy. I’m glad that the Dany, Tyrion, and the Greyjoys came to an agreement and I’m really interested in where this portion of the show is going. 

Now, on to the main event. I was expecting the entire episode to be the entire battle but the 30 minutes of fighting that we got was nothing short of a masterpiece. From Jon Snow fighting man after man, Tormund biting an ear, and Littlefinger’s men mowing down Ramsay’s wall, the intensity of this battle was through the roof. It was sad seeing the giant die in such a gruesome way, but the fact that he got the gate open made his death more heroic. 


Watching Jon Snow repeatedly punch Ramsay in the face is easily the most satisfying thing this show has ever done. For me, this beats Joffrey dying because my hatred of Ramsay had been building for so much longer. I was hoping that Jon would’ve killed him right there but what happened next was just as good. It was probably appropriate that Sansa is the one to kill Ramsay after everything he’s done to her. Seeing his dogs turn on him was great to see and also it was a little shocking. We’ve seen people be killed by dogs on this show before but we never actually saw it. Watching that dog lunge at his face and proceed to rip his face apart put a smile on my face almost as big as Sansa’s was. The only problem is that I’m not sure Jon wanted Ramsay dead for whatever reason. Whether it was for bargaining or something else. If he wanted Ramsay alive, this could possibly cause a rift between Sansa and Jon.


Battle of the Bastards was the best episode of the season by far. Dany establishing a new alliance and Jon and Sansa reclaiming Winterfell was just the punch we needed as we head into the season finale next week.

Episode Rating: 10/10 – Flawless

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