The Lazy Game of Thrones Recap: Is that you Grandma?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re back! It’s been a while since my last recap of Game of Thrones and I can honestly say that it has left a whole in my heart. But, enough with the… Continue reading

The Recaps are coming….

One of my favorite things to post on my blog are full recaps of Game of Thrones. They’re also arguably some of the more popular posts I’ve written on this blog. This is… Continue reading

iZombie cooks up the perfect blend of humor and suspense.

One of my most popular posts involved me talking about how iZombie was one of the best shows last season, so I thought I would quickly talk about it again. For those who… Continue reading

I’m Alive!!!

Hey….um, sorry that I haven’t posted a blog entry in like 3 months. I honestly was just getting a little bored with some of the content I was doing. It started to feel a little… Continue reading

The Lazy Flash Recap: Speedster meets Comet

  Another strong episode in this early second season as we deal with some issues Barry is having and we also meet a new member of the Central City Police Department. Jay Garrick… Continue reading

The Lazy Flash Recap: Barry is the new Pope!

I just want to start this recap off by letting you guys know that I’ve stepped my Photoshop skills up a little since my Game of Thrones recap days as you can see… Continue reading

The Return of The Lazy Flash Recaps!

I’ve decided that the next show that I’m going to be doing lazy recaps of is CW’s The Flash. It’s currently one of my favorite shows on Television, so it seemed appropriate to… Continue reading

I need a new show for my Lazy Recaps

Since my Game of Thrones recaps were so popular, I thought it would be fun to pick a new show this fall to recap every week. There are a few shows coming out… Continue reading

The Top 5 new shows I’m excited for this year

There are a lot of TV shows premiering this year and for most people, it’s hard to tell which shows you should watch and care about. Because of that, I decided to list… Continue reading

I Love School Rumble So Much!

Since I was binge-watching School Rumble over the Labor Day weekend, it made me want to talk about why I love the show so much. Even though I already talked about School Rumble… Continue reading

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