Netflix Recommendation: Freaks & Geeks {Day 2}

Genre: Comedy Number of Seasons: 1 What the show is about: It’s the 1980s and at McKinley High, there’s two different groups of teenagers, the Freaks with cool and charismatic Daniel Desario and tomboy Lindsay… Continue reading

The E3 Games I’m Most Excited for {Day 1}

Even though I don’t play videogames as much as I used to, I was still very excited for this year’s E3 conferences, specifically the conference put on by Sony since I will be… Continue reading

My Blogging Challenge: The 7 Days of Hell

  WELCOME TO HELL WEEK! Since I’m not doing anymore Game of Thrones Recaps for a while, I wanted to think of something else fun to do on my blog. I came up… Continue reading

Anime Discovery: Death Parade

Just a quick post talking about a new anime I started watching called Death Parade. The anime revolves around games being played to decide whether people who have died at the exact same… Continue reading

My Top 10 Favorite PS3 Games of All-Time {HD Video}

I was going to make a blog post about my Top favorite video games, but I thought it be more fun if I made a video. Check it out down below!!! I’ll probably… Continue reading

The Lazy Game of Thrones Recap: NOOOOOOOO!!!!???!!!!

I’m so upset, I don’t even feel like writing an intro, but I’ll try to push through. This has been a weird and intriguing season of Game of Thrones. It took a while to… Continue reading

Retro Rewind: Daria

Retro Rewind will be an ongoing series of blog posts comprised of my views on classic Movies & Television shows. When I was younger (and dumber), I caught a glimpse of Daria on MTV and at first… Continue reading

The Lazy Game of Thrones Recap: Drogon Doesn’t Dance

  At this point, I don’t know who I hate the most between Ramsay, Cersei, and Stannis. After what Stannis did in last night’s episode, I might put him a notch above the… Continue reading

The Lazy Fanatic’s Mega Summer TV Preview!

For most people, the Summer is spent going on vacation, going to barbecues, or at the very least walking outside of your house from time to time. But for the rest of us,… Continue reading

The Lazy Game of Thrones Recap: Come at Me, Snow!

HOLY S***   This was the BEST episode of the season so far and by a pretty wide margin. The last 30 minutes of Hardhome was some of the most entertaining television I’ve… Continue reading

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