The 6 best shows you (probably) aren’t watching

If you ask a lot of people about the state of televsion today, a lot of them will tell you we’re in a “Golden-age,” and I personally would agree. There’s so many quality shows… Continue reading

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly with Saturday Night Live.

  I’ve been watching Saturday Night Live for about 10 years and I was fortunate enough to see some of the funniest people in entertainment today including Kristen Wiig, Amy Poehler, and Jimmy Fallon… Continue reading

On The Rise: Snow Tha Product

“On The Rise” will be an ongoing series showcasing music artists who are garnering a lot of attention or just someone I feel deserves more recognition.  I heard about Snow Tha Product about… Continue reading

Netflix Recommendation: 13 Sins

What this movie is about:  Elliot is your everyday pushover who is financially supporting his pregnant girlfriend, mentally challenged brother, and abusive father. After he gets fired from his salesman job, he accepts an offer to… Continue reading

4 New Shows You Should Be Excited For

It’s one of the best times of the year for TV nerds like myself. It’s that time of year where not only are some of my favorite shows coming back on the air (Walking… Continue reading

Game Review: Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4

  Going into Amid the Ruins, I was expecing an episode lacking in excitement and very few crucial decisions being made. While the episode was lackluster, there were important choices throughout the gameplay… Continue reading

Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 being released July 22nd + Trailer

I can’t wait to play the next episode of Walking Dead after the extremely well written third episode.

Am I a Comedy Snob?

I was thinking about this yesterday and it got me thinking that I might in fact be a comedy snob. I often find myself getting annoyed when people don’t understand the humor in… Continue reading

4 Shows To Binge Watch This Summer

  After watching all four seasons of Game of Thrones in five days (hold your applause), I realized the beauty of a show being so good that you literally can’t stop watching it. Even… Continue reading

Top 10 90’s Cartoon Theme Songs

The list is in order of the song, not the particular show. 10. Rocko’s Modern Life (Season 1)   9. Recess 8. Animaniacs 7. Darkwing Duck 6. Ducktales 5. Weekenders 4. Pepper Ann… Continue reading

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