My Game of Thrones Review: Best Episode Ever.

After watching last night’s episode, I really had to take a minute and think about all of the episodes of Game of Thrones to see where this one ranked. After thinking about it,… Continue reading

My Game of Thrones Review: Always feed your dogs

I’ve always said that Game of Thrones is at its best when there is a huge battle to be seen. Whether it’s Blackwater, Hardhome, or tonight’s Battle of The Bastards, these are some… Continue reading

Why is Superhero Romance So Boring?

I’m a fan of most of the Superhero TV shows that are out today. However, there continues to be a glaring issue with many of these shows; that issue is romance storylines. To… Continue reading

My Game of Thrones Review: Her name is Arya Stark

Might as well start off with my favorite character. As soon as I found out that the name of this episode was called “No One,” I knew it was going to end with Arya… Continue reading

My Game of Thrones Review: Return of the Hound

When this episode ended, I was initially dissapointed. The reason is because after five and a half seasons of Game of Thrones, I’ve become accustomed to huge death scenes and excessive violence every week. But,… Continue reading

My Game of Thrones Review: Guess who’s back!

After last week’s heartbreaking loss, I was curious about how Game of Thrones would follow it up. Even though I had a few issues (with Daenerys) that I’ll get into later, I’m pleased with… Continue reading

My Game of Thrones Review: That damn door!

I decided to do a review of Game of Thrones this week as opposed to a recap. The reason I’m doing this is because I feel that a review will have more of a “flow”… Continue reading

The Lazy Game of Thrones Recap: Everyone Hates Olly

Normally when I watch Game of Thrones, I’m rarely satisfied by the ending of each episode. Not because the endings are bad, but because each episode usually ends with a cliffhanger that leaves… Continue reading

My Unwavering Love for Image Comics

With it being Wednesday and another batch of comics being released today, I thought I would briefly talk about my favorite publishing company, Image Comics. I haven’t been a fan of comics & graphic novels… Continue reading

The Lazy Game of Thrones Recap: Snow White Awakens

After returning back with a solid premiere last week, we get an episode that was filled to the brim with action, heartbreak, and obviously murder. I liked this episode more than the premiere because… Continue reading

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